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What is Friendvites?

Friendvites helps you provide incentives for your users to refer your site to their friends. We allow sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

With Friendvites, you can offer:

Dollar Discounts

Percentage Discounts

Contest Entries

Good Karma

Best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes to get started with your refer-a-friend program!

The Friendvites API is currently in beta.

How does Friendvites work?

Once you sign up for Friendvites, just create a referrer benefit and a referral campaign, then place the code for our referral popup on your site. This will add a button that triggers a popup with your custom campaign message which allows your customers to refer your site to their friends. You'll be able to track each time one of your customers makes a referral!

If you want more control over the appearance of your popup, you or your developers can also use our iframe code alongside your own to use Friendvites with your own referral creation form.

Friendvites also has an API that you or your developers can use to retrieve information about your customers' referrals for use in your site, including who made the referral, which campaign it's part of, and which benefits each person should receive. You can then offer benefits and discounts to both customers that make referrals and their friends who visit your site.

Don't know what an iframe or an API is?

That's ok! You can still use the Friendvites popup to allow your customers to refer your site to their friends. You just won't be able to utilize the benefits system.

Social Sharing

Bring your business more exposure by allowing your customers to easily share your site through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Popup or Iframe

Make it easy for your customers to share with either our popup or your own styled referral form.

Flexible Benefit

Offer multiple types of benefits to both the customers who refer your site and the new customers who come to your site from a referral.

Multiple Campaigns

Manage multiple campaigns and easily switch between them, whenever you like.

Track Referrals

We'll keep track of how many referrals your customers make, as well as who made them and what method they used.

API Access

Make calls to the Friendvites API to retrieve information about your active campaign, top referring customers, and more.

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